The Comox Valley’s COVID-19 Updates

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The Town of Comox, the City of Courtenay, and the Village of Cumberland. If you live in these areas that make up Comox Valley there are some useful local resources to know for updates on COVID-19. 

Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD)

The Comox Valley Regional District Site provides two resources.

The first is a greatly detailed COVID-19 update providing regional information and several additional resources to use if you live in the Comox Valley.

These include:

  • Comox Valley Information and Resources,
  • Provincial Support and Federal Information,
  • CVRD Operational Updates,
  • and Additional Resources.

The second provides the regional district’s COVID-19 Safety Plans so you’ll find what safety procedures the whole of the Comox Valley is generally adhering to.

The site is updated quite frequently so you can trust that the information can be up to date and accurate.

The Village of Cumberland

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

For the Village of Cumberland their information can be quite similar to any other resource. Including sanitation guidelines and links to other important information, but includes a News and Alerts section for specific events in the village.

News and Alerts

The Village of Cumberland’s News and Alerts section will update you on village constructions and help resources during COVID-19. If you’re looking for things happening in your area in Cumberland this is a good place to look.

City of Courtenay

“Comox Valley local governments are taking precautionary measures in support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the BC Ministry of Health and their efforts to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).” – City of Courtenay

As the Village of Cumberland is doing, so is the City of Courtenay. As this page includes resources connecting you to the CVRD and BCCDC (BC Centre for Disease Control) it also provides City of Courtenay Updates, similar to the Village of Cumberland’s news and alerts. 

These updates aren’t as recent, but have information on recreation facilities in the city and their procedures, and are always a good read if you’re looking to learn more about the COVID-19 situation in your area.

Town of Comox

To finish this trio off, we have to provide you with the Town of Comox resources. Although, it seems the website has taken on a different approach in terms of virtual communication on COVID-19. With the extensive amount of resources existing already outside of the site it doesn’t make too much of a difference. (Hurray! For information?) They do, however, still provide updates on events in the area. So if you ever want reassurance for more COVID-19 info, they could possibly scratch that itch you can’t reach.

Nearing the end of this year, we can still hope for safety within our communities. These resources will be helpful for quite awhile, so it never hurts to go diving into them for your daily dose of COVID-19 news.

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