Safety Guidelines

At this time there are no medical or legal advisors involved in this project.
Before you have any contact with people you find on this site, please consider:

Personal safety

Limit the contact information you share (you don’t have to post any contact info here ー an email address is enough for people to make contact with you)

Coronavirus transmission risks

Any physical contact, including ride sharing or deliveries, presents a risk of coronavirus transmission. For this reason we will not accept any offers or requests for ride sharing or other forms of support that require people to be closer than 2 meters. Please visit the BC CDC for information on how to prevent transmission.
Key precautions:

  • Do not accept deliveries in person (leave at the door).
  • Stay 2 meters away from other people
  • Do not enter someone else’s home or allow them in yours
  • Wipe down all deliveries you receive with disinfectant