Public Health Alerts and BC’s Restart Plan

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Having access to certain resources like public health alerts and BC’s Response to COVID-19 can help you stay knowledgeable on what’s happening around your community. Public health alerts will give you the most recent health warnings regarding diseases, and most recently COVID-19. BC’s Response to COVID-19 outlines the plans our province is taking to return to a normal life after isolation. 

Public Health Alerts

Healthlink BC provides a list of recent alerts, general provincial alerts, alerts in your area, and alerts across Canada.

Recent Alerts

We have highlighted the most recent alerts from all regions and sources in British Columbia, to ensure you have quick access to the latest public information that may affect you and your family. – Healthlink BC

Recent alerts will display the latest information that could affect you and your community. This is one of the most useful resources to use day to day to know what is happening around the province. Recent COVID-19 cases will also be displayed on this page.

Throughout the Province

Health alerts on this page show warnings that affect the whole of the province. Most recently Salmonella infections. (I guess red onions are out of our diets for now.)

In Your Area

This section is organized into four specific topics regarding:

  • Air Quality,
  • Drinking Water Quality and Advisories,
  • Food Safety and Inspections,
  • and Influenza.

Each topic is divided into health authorities for relevant information for the community in that area. If you’re in the Comox Valley, Island Health is where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Across Canada

“Issues such as food recalls, medication and product recalls, and allergy alerts can affect more than one province in Canada.” – Healthlink BC

Knowing what is affecting people across Canada, and could be affecting your food, as well as medications will help you stay safe.

BC’s Response to COVID-19

To deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, during its early spread in Canada, BC has created a four phase response to COVID-19. This resource can be important to check on every so often to understand the progress of returning to normal life, and our province’s procedures to do so.

Currently we are in Phase 3 of BC’s Response to COVID-19. The following phases are:

Phase 1

Declaration of a public health emergency, and a provincial state emergency, including isolation and the closing of non-essential businesses.

Phase 2

Travel between communities was not to be taken unless essential. Many businesses were reopened with safety precautions and physical distancing.

Phase 3 (Current phase)

Smart, safe, and respectful travel can now be taken with guidelines for physical distancing still in place. 14-day self isolation was still to be taken if arriving from outside the country.

Phase 4 (To be determined)

Phase 4 is still being properly fleshed out but will be implemented once one of the three factors are met: 

  • Wide vaccination
  • Community immunity
  • Broad successful treatments

This also includes the reopening of larger social gatherings, for example concerts, conventions, and international tourism.

I highly recommend visiting Public health alerts and BC’s Response to COVID-19 occasionally, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as you can find cases near your community, and further your understanding on the province’s plans to reopen businesses and social gatherings.

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