North Island College and COVID-19

As August comes to an end and September takes over, you may be wondering about the safety of yourself or family members who may be attending NIC (North Island College). 

It’s great to pursue higher education, but during times like these it’s important to understand the procedures the college is taking to make sure you can stay safe, and how you can keep yourself safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual and In-class Instruction

NIC has decided to move most classes onto virtual platforms with the exception of a few that require in-class instruction. This is good news as you can continue your education without much setback. That is if you can keep your focus in a virtual environment! For students planning on attending NIC in fall check the COVID-19 section of their website for information on students, international students and more.

Virtual Orientation

Another great system NIC has provided is virtual orientation. Online modules, videos, and live webinars explain everything you need before starting your courses at NIC. This includes platforms and tools you may need for your digital classes, so make sure you check it out to be prepared!

NIC Safety Plan

“The purpose of the NIC COVID-19 Safety Plan is to protect students and employees from exposure to COVID-19, to reduce the risk of infection in the event of an exposure, and to comply with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as well as their guidance specific to COVID-19.” — North Island College

As most educational organizations are doing, NIC has also drafted a safety plan for their school on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

The NIC Safety Plan contains information that will make your visits to NIC much more safe if need be. The safety plan also outlines the procedures to maintain clean spaces and prevention measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Safety Plan also provides information on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). What is required and what is not:

The safety plan is an incredible resource that contains folds of information to keep everyone safe at NIC. Try not to skip on it if you’ve got the time to sit and read through it!

If you’re planning on enrolling at NIC this fall or know somebody who is, make sure to read through how virtual orientation works and to read through the NIC Safety Plan, especially if time is going to be spent on campus. Spread the information where you can to loved ones so that they know the procedures NIC are taking. We hope you stay safe, and remember to keep others around you safe as well!

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