Masks For All!

As the pandemic continues to spread, the Canadian Government has recommended that all people wear face coverings when out in public due to cough droplets being a possible source of infection. For guidelines on using masks properly, check this about page provided by the Government of Canada.

However not everyone is able to have access to medical masks or have the tools to create their own. That’s where this wonderful Facebook group comes in handy!

Masks-For-All Comox Valley

The Masks-For-All Comox Valley Facebook group is a community made group in the Comox Valley to help those who don’t have access to face coverings. There are people offering to make masks, and others searching for one. There are also occasional resources posted regarding COVID-19, and the importance of wearing masks.

Designer Masks!

No, they’re not that kind of fancy. Most of the community’s offers are made of unique cloth patterns to make your mask look cool. Are you a fan of hockey? Maybe you enjoy video games like Minecraft. Or puppies! Who doesn’t like puppies? You’ll find designs similar to those I’ve mentioned inside the Facebook group and more. (It’s like I’m advertising, but honestly some of the cloths that they use are quite nice.)

Need a Mask? Just Ask!

Upon joining the group, you can post and comment whether you’re looking to make masks for those in need, or need one for yourself and your family. There’s an array of people offering different mask designs ranging from price ranges of $4-17. Just tell them you’re interested and they’ll get to you when they can.

Affordable For the Family

Most offers have prices that are affordable and allow you to buy more than one at cheaper prices. If you need a few masks for members of your household or even with friends to share matching masks I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you.

If you don’t currently have access to medical masks or other face coverings I’d recommend taking a look at Masks-For-All. They can help you with your needs, or you can just drop in and see what the community is making and the help that they’re giving to the cities around you.

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