Homepage Request List – Condensed

Name Area Services Requested
Faustine Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland

Affordable Housing for the next few months.
I found work in the Comox valley just before COVID-19, and now I need housing for the next few months that’s affordable.

Guenther Courtenay The Wiseland Humanitarian Association distributes sanitation products and vouchers to persons-in-need in the Comox Valley.
We are looking for several volunteers to help out with various tasks:
1. . . . Front line distribution of sanitation products and vouchers in person (all necessary PPE provided). The work involves distributing items and keeping records for a few hours per shift at a local soup kitchen in Downtown Courtenay.
2. A driver with a clean record who can operate our 3/4 tonne pick-up truck with trailer. Shifts would be short trips around town as needed with no set schedule.
3. Someone who can update our WordPress website.
Bev Courtenay I have mobility issues and live in a three story walk up so doing laundry (located in the basement), and carrying groceries is extremely difficult. I am also currently undergoing chemo therapy and . . . find it very hard to function day-to-day. Cooking can be very exhausting. I am also greatly in need of socialization as I am a people person. View