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Please read the safety guidelines on social distancing and coronavirus transmission before providing or receiving any help that involves personal contact (including offering rides or deliveries.) There are no medical advisors on this project and we can not provide advice on how to avoid transmission.

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Faustine Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland

Affordable Housing for the next few months.
I found work in the Comox valley just before COVID-19, and now I need housing for the next few months that’s affordable.

Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre Courtenay The CVLLC has been hard at work during the past few weeks setting up and running a FREE internet café, outdoor hand washing station and phone charging station. You can find out more about this program . . . on our website: We need your help to keep this running! We are currently looking for community volunteers for our internet cafe. Friendly people willing and able to engage with folk while following the public health and social distancing guidelines and to be onsite to support access to digital technology, including laptops and web cameras in a safe and regularly sanitized environment. Contact Amy at to volunteer. View
Bev Courtenay I have mobility issues and live in a three story walk up so doing laundry (located in the basement), and carrying groceries is extremely difficult. I am also currently undergoing chemo therapy and . . . find it very hard to function day-to-day. Cooking can be very exhausting. I am also greatly in need of socialization as I am a people person. View
Bev Comox

Fixing small jobs around the yard and in the house. Heavy lifting