What is this site for?

The goal of the site is to allow users – especially those who are elderly, quarantined or self-quarantined, immuno-compromised, or front line emergency service workers with no time to take care of errands – to make Requests for assistance with things like picking up groceries, calling once a day just to chat, and other support tasks.

Users who want to help others during the COVID-19 crisis can volunteer their help by Offering their support for specific tasks.

The site also offers blogs written for the community and several resources regarding COVID-19 information, other helpful organizations, and provincial services. Take a look!

Can I volunteer to help?

Yes! Contact dan.bashaw@pathwisesolutions.com or use the Contact form if you wish to volunteer on the team that maintains the https://cvhelps.ca/. If you want to volunteer your services to help otherwise, please use the Offer Help form to post your offer.

My Request or Offer is no longer needed. How do I remove it?

You can delete a Request or Offer here: https://cvhelps.ca/change.

I need to change my request, or update my contact information. How do I do that?

You can do that here: https://cvhelps.ca/change

Who is supporting this project?

A team of volunteers from the Comox Valley have gathered together to create this service exchange website. While some of us are in the website business and some of us are more familiar with the administrative end, all of us hope to help make a difference. Volunteers currently include:

  • Carla Voyageur – Media and Outreach Liaison
  • Brittany King – Front End and UX Developer, Visual Design
  • Nila Kundu – Front End Developer
  • Alyssa Willis – Graphic Artist (Social Media Images)
  • Dan Bashaw – Project Coordinator
  • Robert Li – Community Support

Email Dan at dan.bashaw@pathwisesolutions.com or fill out the Contact form to learn more, volunteer your services, ask for help, or say hi.

For media enquiries, contact Carla at gwayee_jane@yahoo.ca.

I’ve seen some similar sites in other communities. Did you get this idea from someone else?

Yep! The concept is based on Alexandra Samuel’s project at https://coda.io/@awsamuel/vancouver-mutual-aid. We are using a different technology to accomplish a similar thing.