Connecting The Comox Valley During Covid-19 / 2020

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It’s a Facebook group full of local businesses! If you spend quite a bit of time on facebook, and want to lend a much needed hand to local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Connecting The Comox Valley During Covid-19 / 2020 can give you just that!

Promoting Your Favourite Businesses

If you have a business you frequent, and are noticing that they need help and could use some promotion, Connecting The Comox Valley allows you to post businesses in the area to spread the word on what a great business they’ve been. Spreading which businesses are in need is how this group works! 

The group encourages you to post links, menus, promos, reviews, acts of kindness, and videos of your local favorite restaurant and business and how they can support them through these tough times.

Finding Other Businesses in Need

Promoting the businesses you love doesn’t have to be all that you do in this group. Remember that the businesses you promote won’t receive help without a community member taking up that offer! Look around to see the restaurants and businesses that have been shared in the group. Maybe you want to try a new cuisine, or visit a restaurant you’ve never been. There’s an array of choices available.

Looking For Something?

When using a social media group designed to help people, they never look down on anyone asking for help. If you’re looking for something specific, even if you’re looking for Italian plums, don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll be surprised at how much people like to offer help.

Connecting With the Community

In times like this where social interaction is limited, the page is a great place to try and connect with others who live in valley. Learn about the restaurants they love and how they’ve been doing during the pandemic. Making new friends can be exciting! A little bit scary, maybe, but so many surprises have been thrown at us this year, why not go for a good surprise?

Take a look at Connecting The Comox Valley During Covid-19 / 2020 and see if it might just be what you need!

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