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Comox Valley Emergency Preparedness…. A Facebook page that brings together the community in the Comox Valley. The page hopes to share factual information to help people understand current events and how to take care of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their Values

A great trait of this Facebook page are the values it follows while being a resource for sharing information online. These values are:

  • Factual Information,
  • Asking for Support From the Community,
  • and Practicing Our Best Selves.

Factual Information

Comox Valley Emergency Preparedness aims to deliver factual, reliable information by trusted sources such as WHO (World Health Organization), government announcements, and graphs that have been fact checked (probably by professionals), and local information about business closures. Because the page aims for accurate information, they refrain from sharing resources from editorials, opinion pieces, and information shared through family friends or relatives. As questionable posts appear from time to time, the community is asked, in assistance of the page’s admins, to help flag information that could be inaccurate or an emotional rant.

This means the credibility of this page and the information it shares can be trusted as shared posts contain useful information.

Asking for Support From the Community

Aside from reliable information the page also acts as a platform for members to ask for support from members of the page. They encourage people in need of assistance to share their short requests. This can be a helpful resource if you’re looking for information on a specific issue, or need help with deliveries and so on. Many resources exist on this page for your convenience.

Practicing Our Best Selves

Ultimately the page wants to create a community where members practice their best selves when participating in discussions and when sharing ideas. Positivity is one of the best things we can have during these trying times!

What are the Posts Like?

To better understand the workings of Comox Valley Emergency Preparedness, here’s an example of a post asking for information on receiving testing for international travel.

Members of the page came quickly to try and assist as much as they could:

Other posts aside from asking for help include studies, infographics, and additional resources.

Having access to a page like this during the COVID-19 pandemic can increase the amount of exposure you have to accurate, and factual info about COVID-19. Posts are shared quite often to aid in your understanding and if you ever have any questions or issues about COVID-19, you are always free to ask the page’s community, and they will help the best they can. Check Comox Valley Emergency Preparedness out! There might just be something important on this page that can help you in your specific situation.

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